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Social Aspects


Social skills present a major problem for children with autism, particularly for children with high functioning autism. While typical children can observe the world around them and learn from it, children with autism usually cannot. They are basically unaware of their surroundings. (Each child with autism varies in terms of skill levels.) Social skills are not just “socializing” with friends — it encompasses a much broader scenario than the ability to talk to other children on a social level. Approximately 90% of human communication doesn’t even involve words — the nonverbal communication — escapes most children with autism.

There are therapies and techniques that can be used to help children with autism spectrum disorder become more aware of their surroundings. Have you ever cried in front of a child with autism, only to note that he or she could really care less? They just don’t “get it.” For the most part, they lack the ability to empathize with others. Individuals with autism, however, can be taught how to react appropriately