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Viridian Center for Early Intervention

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The Viridian Center for Early Intervention provides central Houston with high quality services for young children with developmental delays. There are two day programs being offered at the center as well as a social skills class in the afternoons.

The Crabapple Class creates a bridge for the educational and behavioral gap for children ages 3 & 4 who need more intensive support in order to be successful in a regular pre-k class. These children spend part of their time at Viridian in a preschool setting with a small student to teacher ratio with the appropriate modifications. The other time is spent in a regular preschool classroom to provide appropriate peer models with support from Viridian staff.

The Redbud Class is based on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and provides children ages 2 & 3 a comprehensive treatment that consists of a set of practices designed to have a broad impact on core features of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). The ESDM is an interdisciplinary model in which early childhood special education, developmental and clinical psychology, applied behavior analysis, speech/language pathology, and occupational therapy are primary disciplines in developing the intervention. This program is more intensive than the Crabapple Class in that the children are provided with more rigorous 1:1 intervention to meet their individual goals. Along with the Redbud class, Viridian Center offers a high quality and integrative parent training program. Parent involvement is a key component in this intervention to promote consistency and generalization.

These two programs are independent of each other and do not necessarily imply a progression from the Redbud Class to the Crabapple Class. The Viridian Center provides assistance with all transitions into new settings/programs.
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