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Trellis Services

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Our philosophy is to utilize the strength of a team approach to ensure holistic and thorough treatment. We base assessment, goal development, and monitor progress on an Applied Verbal Behavior Model. In addition, we integrate speech and language, sensory processing, behavior management, and other developmental concepts into objective goals. Our focus is to access the child's motivation in developing a love of learning. Natural environment teaching and systematic instruction are used to provide a fun, yet effective learning environment.

Trellis Services offers a variety of Home-based and Clinic-based services: Autism Waiver Services, Early Intervention, Social Skills and Peer Support Groups, Consultation, Diagnostic Assessment, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Music Therapy. Working closely with each family, we establish individualized and attainable goals based on the child's developmental level and the family's priorities.

Autism Waiver Services

Family Training Case Management
Family Training is designed to accomplish many goals:

training in specific strategies, such as behavioral techniques, prompting, communication, facilitated play or other strategies that may be needed to provide consistency throughout the day
counseling on issues related to autism, genetics, biology, learning styles, development, neuropsychological processing, or other related topics that affect each parent's daily decisions, especially parents of children with special needs
consultation on strategies the caretaker may use, such as environmental supports, chaining, shaping, reinforcement or other positive supports to increase independence; facilitate communication; train daily living skills, socialization, and community skills.
exchange resource and referral information for all members of the family
provide family counseling and emotional support.

Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS)
IISS services are designed to compliment and expand upon day school teaching objectives. Supervisors work closely with each family to establish specific and individual goals that focus on communication, independence, daily living skills, play, socialization, recreation, community skills, or behavioral goals specific to the home and community environment. Goals are set in a realistic and practical fashion. Trained instructors facilitate sessions with the child. Trellis makes every effort to match the specific and unique strengths of each technician with each child and family. Instructors are monitored directly (at least 2 hours per month in the home) and indirectly (out of the home supervision or phone contact as needed) by their supervisor, though initially more supervision is common.

Respite Services
Respite services are designed to provide short-term care for the child allowing all or part of the family to attend functions outside the home. Respite care workers are briefed and supervised indirectly by a supervisor.

Trellis only provides respite services to families who receive IISS or family training also by Trellis services, Inc.

Therapeutic Integration
Therapeutic Integration is designed to provide small group recreational activities for children after school. We develop communication, social skills, rec-and-leisure, and independent living skill goals for each child. Group activities and staff facilitation allow for each child to have fun, yet maintain a consistent level of challenge to meet their individual needs. The program is offered on days of school attendance only.

Other Services
Early Intervention Services
Our Love-to-Learn Program is designed for children 18mos-6 yrs old. This intensive 12-hour per week program provides one:one instruction in an Applied Verbal Behavior Model. Systematic assessment and monitoring of progress toward goals is provided for each learner through consistent program management. Parents are integral members of the treatment team. Combined with home consultative services, this program provides the recommended model and amount of effective intervention.

Weekend Holiday Programs:
Social Skills Sessions: This program is a 3-hour activity based program for school- aged children are on selected weekends and school holidays. Music, Occupational, and recreational therapy are rotated throughout sessions while social and communication skills are facilitated on an individual needs basis. Extended care before and after sessions are offered.

Peer Support Sessions:
Participants are offered the opportunity to interact with peers and generalize skills in a safe fun environment. Recreational and leisure activities are offered on selected weekend and holiday evenings.

We provide intervention and behavioral consultative services in your home or school. Assessment, treatment planning, program development and thorough case management with family training are offered to increase communication, play, and daily living skills and address maladaptive behaviors such as aggression, disruption, or feeding disorders. Direct instruction therapists are also available.

Additional Services:
Comprehensive Diagnostic, Occupational and Speech and Lanuage assessment is offered by appointment. Private Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Music Therapy are available.

Austism Waiver Services (IISS FT RES TI)