Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

The Reading Clinic

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Telephone : (800)790-5302
Address : 445 Sherman Ave , Palo Alto , CA , 94306

Since 1997, The Reading Clinic has been helping students learn to read through one-to-one tutoring in comprehension strategies, spelling, writing, language comprehension and math. Using research-based, multi-sensory programs, The Reading Clinic learning center focuses on enhanced academic performance and self-esteem. We provide students with a safe and accepting environment, engaging them in an ongoing process of discovery. In our dialogue-based format, students are better able to follow directions, stay on task, take more risks, complete assignments, and feel good about themselves.

The Reading Clinic identifies a student’s basic needs and creates a tailored solution. The results are measurable, significant and most importantly, last a lifetime.