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The Listening Center

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The Listening Center is a state of the art facility that offers advanced treatment for Listening, Communicating & Learning, and is dedicated to improving the lives of its clients and families through the implementation of The Tomatis Method, a research based therapeutic intervention, which addresses individual needs to enhance learning. The experts at The Listening Center have decades of experience in treating learning related disorders and our programs have over 50 years of clinical success world wide in treating children and adults with unique learning needs. We offer a warm and friendly environment that is designed to provide a positive and compassionate clinical experience.

The Listening Center and its programs have been clinically proven to reduce the characteristics and symptoms associated with

Auditory Processing Disorders
Autism & ASD's
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Language Delays
Learning Delays

Although many of the clients served at The Listening Center may have obtained a specific diagnosis from an outside source, it is not necessary for testing or treatment at the listening center. To determine if you or your child is a candidate, please see our checklist and symptom sheet on our website:

The Listening Center provides extensive testing prior to any type of therapy or treatment. All testing includes meeting with certified & licensed professionals, standardized testing and an in-depth report.

The experts at The Listening Center have been locally and nationally recognized for their work in these various fields and uphold the highest levels of ethics & standards that are in accordance with accredited organizations. The Listening Center adheres the most recent privacy guidelines.The Tomatis Method Auditory-Based Therapy Interactive MetronomeBrenda Geringer