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The Great Plains Laboratory

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Telephone : 913- 341-8949
Fax : (913) 341-6207
Address : 11813 W. 77th Street , Lenexa , KS , 66214

The Great Plains Laboratory is the world leader in organic acid testing and evaluating abnormal levels of yeast and other
components that cause symptoms of autism and many other diseases. We also offer other varieties of metabolic tests, such as test
of deficiency of the Immune system, urinary peptides, nutritional tests, environmental tests, and many other tests. We offer free phone consultations to assist in the interpretation of the results of the tests to find the best way to treat the diseases. The Great Plains laboratory is located in Lenexa,Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. The laboratory counts on a team of biochemists and laboratory technician with excellent experience with specialties in nutrition, and representatives who do an excellent job working with the customer. We help customers from all parts of the United States and the world to reach their potential, and to have a more healthful life. To have test done in our laboratory, it's not necessary to travel to Kansas City. You or your doctor may order tests kit through the telephone, fax, or through the Internet. You can contact one of our representatives to ask for a test kit of or to get additional information. We will send the full package with information on the test, information on how to collect the samples, and how to send the samples. Before sending us sample, it is very important that you get authorization from your doctor, if you live in the United States. The mailing expenses for localities in the United States are paid by our laboratory, and we also plan in the future to pay for international mailings. When we complete the test, we will send copies of the test results to you and your doctor with the interpretation. To get a more detailed interpretation and to talk about treatment possibilities of handling, please call to schedule a consultation with our nutrition specialist