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The Gluten Free Bistro

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Telephone : 720-329-3254
Address : P.O. Box 17154 , Boulder , CO , 80308

The Gluten Free Bistro is dedicated to providing products with exceptional taste and high quality, nutritious ingredients. Our products are made with whole grain, gluten-free flours that provide protein, fiber, minerals and B vitamins. Enjoy all natural gluten-free foods that are low in sodium and sugar.

All our restaurant partners are provided gluten-free trainings on handling practices for our products. Every location receives on-going literature and green handled utensils to provide continuing education and to prevent cross contamination. Our mission is to insure worry-free dining and an enjoyable experience.

The Gluten Free Bistro was founded by three gluten-intolerant locals who were dissatisfied with the gluten-free foods available. After many years, they have perfected modern, healthy and divine tasting gluten-free products. The company's founders include two nutritionists and a foodie. Now, those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease can have pizza or fresh-style pasta in a trendy restaurant or pizzeria. You can also order on line at