Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

The Children’s Guild

Telephone : 410-444-3800
Address : 6802 McClean Boulevard , Baltimore , MD , 21234

The Children's Guild's autism spectrum program fuses two educational models: 1) The TEACCH approach, used to educate students in a structured learning environment; and 2) ABA, the principal of Applied Behavioral Analysis.
The Children's Guild approaches each student on an individual basis according to his or her communication skills and cognitive level. Students are taught to be mindful of and responsible for their actions. Most importantly, students become aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and personal and vocational goals.Classes for children with autism spectrum are provided at all three Children's Guild campuses. In Baltimore, the program is connected to the school-to-work vocational training program, which serves students ages 14 to 21. The Prince George's and Anne Arundel day school campus programs serve children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome from kindergarten through eighth grade.