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Simons Simplex Collection

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The Simons Simplex Collection is a bold new initiative to search for the causes of autism. Researchers at Yale and twelve other sites in North America will collect DNA samples from families with just one child affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This valuable data will be available to the best scientific minds of the world to search for clues that will lead to important breakthroughs.

Families eligible to participate consist of:
• Only one child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder between the ages of 4 to 17
• One or more siblings age four or older without an Autism Spectrum Disorder
o A small number of families with no siblings, or siblings under the age of four, may be eligible to participate
• Unaffected biological parents who are both willing to participate.

Research Components:
1. Eligible children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder will receive a behavioral assessment. Parents will receive oral feedback, as well as a written research report summarizing results of their child’s evaluation.
2. Families will have an opportunity to have their child undergo a medical evaluation with a geneticist and speak with a genetic counselor about questions they may have.
3. Each family member who donates blood will receive $40.00 in compensation immediately after the blood draw.