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The Coalition for SafeMinds (Sensible Action For Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders) is a private nonprofit organization founded to investigate and raise awareness of the risks to infants and children of exposure to mercury from medical products, including thimerosal in vaccines. Safe Minds supports research on the potential harmful effects of mercury and thimerosal.

Our mission is to end the health and personal devastations caused by the needless use of mercury in medicines. We utilize a multifaceted approach:

-SafeMinds works aggressively to educate government agencies, legislators, manufacturers, and retailers to the scientific research regarding mercury in medicine and foster its removal from medical and health products
-SafeMinds encourages and engages others for more research to scientifically understand how mercury in these products causes harm and how effective treatments can be developed for those already exposed;
-SafeMinds looks to serve as a clearinghouse for the gathering and dissemination of good and proper relevant scientific research, and to provide peer to peer review opportunities for those efforts;
-SafeMinds promotes awareness campaigns to parents and clinicians to educate them about the issue; and
-SafeMinds encourages open investigations into how mercury has persisted in routine medical products, such as vaccines, despite its known neurotoxicity.