Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Rebeka Edge

eMail :
Telephone : 253-686-6958
Address : 16636 Baird Cir , Eagle River , AK , 99577

This program has been developed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and utilizes principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to change behavior. ABA is backed by over 40 years of research and is still considered to be the most effective treatment for dealing with behaviors. I will strive to teach skills that foster independence in the people she serves. Together with family, schools, professionals and community members, we work as a team to provide the best quality of life for each individual.

Conduct assessments (direct observations, interviews, functional assessment screening tools)
Develop function-based behavior assessment reports
Develop function-based treatment plans
Develop data collection systems
Conduct analyses of data
Provides services to people with Developmental Disabilities
Develop progress reports upon request
Collaborate with other professionals involved in the clients life (speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.)
Provide training in-home and/or community training
Provide training to paraprofessionals selected by the family
Provide training to parents/ family or staff members in “principals of behavior analysis”
Provide behavior consulting
Provide family support in dealing with schools
Provide strategies to increase appropriate behaviors such as: language, communication, social skills, on-task behavior, problem solving skills, etc.)
Provide strategies to decrease problem behaviors, such as: aggression, property destruction, self injury, self-stimulation, temper outbursts, elopement, etc.