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Peter Meilahn EEG Biofeedback at Franklin Family Services

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Telephone : 612.840.1447
Address : 5009 Excelsior Blvd. , St. Louis Park , MN


I do EEG biofeedback inside my psychotherapy practice. Please contact me for information like research or to have a session if you are interested. I enjoy my meetings with clients, including children! I have experience with EEG, ABA and experience treating autism (including asperger's) and ADHD with EEG and family therapy.

The results I have seen are backed by research that The state of MN supports by paying for biofeedback in their state insurance Medical Assistance, MN Care and others pay specifically for biofeedback.

I offer home based sound therapy for free to clients that can help the process. EEG helps build social skills, attention, and other skills associated with improving blood flow in the front part of the brain.

The people I work with report immediate gains (short term for a few hours) that we work to make long term. We use movies or games that the client controls with their brains by keeping performance up so the game or movie plays. Kids think it's fun and adults learn from it too.