Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Nurture & Nature ABA

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Address : 5318 Laruel Canyon Blvd. Suite 101, , Valley Village , CA , United States , 91607

Our programs in applied behavior analysis are highly effective, individualized and tailor built; Parent Consultation, Pivotal Response Treatment, Discrete Trial Training, Behavior Modification, Verbal Behavior, Community Based Interventions, PECS, Adaptive Skills Program, Social Play & PEERS.
Through our service to the community, we have found that having the experience and knowledge is only one part of designing an effective intervention. Nurture & Nature’s programs are highly individualized and tailor built by passionate and responsive Clinical Directors and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We begin with a thorough assessment, where we not only analyze skills to be taught and behaviors to be targeted, but also listen and incorporate each family’s needs, wants, beliefs and schedules. We collaborate with school programs, speech pathologists and developmental pediatricians to work as a collective team. We take into account special circumstances and custom-create highly motivating evidence-based interventions that are effective, ethical and humane. And this makes the difference!

Services include Parent Education Groups, Pivotal Response Treatment, Discrete Trial Training, Intensive Behavior Intervention, Verbal Behavior, Community Based Interventions, Functional Communication Training, Play Skills, Adaptive Skills Program, Social Play Programs and PEERS Socialization

Every intervention begins with the Nurture & Nature team discovering what motivates and reinforces our clients. We want to understand the unique likes and learning style of each of our clients in order to inspire growth and change behavior. Therapy should be inspiring and rewarding for all involved.