Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Millie Kaydus

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Telephone : 217-415-4868
Address : 16748 Hurie Ave , Tallula , IL , 62688

Our services are intended for both children and adults with ASDs, and the average length of the program is 12 to 18 months.* Below is a brief description of our backgrounds, resources and what we do:

-Screen and test high quality, donated AKC and UKC puppies for careers as service animals
-Secure funding for all veterinary expenses prior to placement
-Secure funding for spay/neuter procedures prior to placement
-Secure "foster families" to provide the animals' socialization prior to placement
-Visit with the recipient and his/her family WITH the animal monthly during the training phase to help form an early bond between them
-Provide high quality food for the animal for the duration of the training program
-Secure funding for all immunizations prior to placement
-Provide a crate or "den" the animal is familiar with
-Secure donated equipment - tethers, leashes, collars, harnesses, etc.
-Provide micro-chipping prior to placement
-Provide a "working vest" for the animal
-Provide proper credentials, documentation and health records at the time of placement
-Provide one to two weeks of in-home training to the recipient to maximize the benefit of the service animal when it is placed

A photo of Willow, our "star" puppy-in-training is attached. The only fees associated with our program we require of the families are to pay for the 12 to 18 months* of intensive, highly specialized training the animal requires to become a certified service animal. We allow families, whose finances are frequently overtaxed already, to pay for and/or secure funding for the training over the course of the animal's training period rather than requiring upfront, payment in full, then being placed on a waiting list, as is common with many service animal providers. Payments are never accepted until we have an eligible animal available to match to the individual and begin training.

By doing this, we are able to place highly trained service animals with qualified recipients at a fraction of the cost of many service animal programs. Service animals are not right for everyone on the autism spectrum. However, when they are an appropriate addition to a treatment program, they can make an incredible difference! Our seasoned service animal training team includes a Certified Master Trainer, an Animal Behavior Specialist, a former DSP, a trainer who has autism, and volunteers who have generously offered their assistance.

Because of the expenses, time and travel required of us, we absolutely have to limit our services to individuals and families in Central Illinois. Some families can obtain financial assistance from businesses, grants and other sources, such as civic and religious organizations that are willing to help them acquire a Service Animal. Although we do not participate directly in their endeavors, we are available to meet with them (puppies in tow if requested) and the potential assistance groups or organizations to explain the program.

We wish to do this because, in addition to raising and training dogs for various specialties, obedience and show for many years, we also raised a wonderful child with autism. We know, first hand, the struggles families sometimes go through, but we also know how effective an Autism Service Animal can be in some cases. It can literally change the lives of some individuals on the autism spectrum. If we can put to use our experience and expertise with other families walking the path we share, then we will have made a difference.