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Mannatech (Ingrid Jones)

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Special sugars are necessary for brain function, cellular communication, and a healthy immune system. Modern food stuffs are deficient in these sugars and other vital nutrients causing our health to suffer. When missing nutrients are replaced, the body heals itself. We all know about iron-deficiency anemia. Replace the iron, you feel better, and your blood count returns to normal.

Glycomics is the chemical name for the new area of carbohydrate research. Many of the best universities around the world are delving into this new arena. Research articles abound in medical databases, yet the information has not reached the physicians. The Genome project found the genes but not the cure. Glycomics is finding the answers. Some research is showing a stimulation of the body"s own stem cells with a subsequent effect on genetic disorders. Glycomics is exploding with possibilities for children and adults with neurosystem disorders and much more. Interestingly, nature has provided these necessary carbohydrates in breast milk so that infants can grow and mature properly and fend off disease.

Nutritional supplements have been providing these "miracle sugars" for optimal health for ten years. They are safe for infants and pregnant women, easy to consume and come in flavors that children love.

They are sold in ten countries. Can be used in conjunction with current therapies. Miracles happen. Believe.