Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Las Vegas Special Needs Dentistry

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Telephone : 425-306-2579
Address : 2585 S Jones Blvd. Suite 1-a , Las Vegas , NV , 89146

Our practice exists to serve patients with special needs, including Autism, in our community. Our team of dentists and anesthesiologists will diagnose and treat the dental needs in one appointment. We are the only Special Needs Dental office in Las Vegas that treats patients under general anesthesia.

We tailor all treatments to the exact needs of the patient. We start with a preoperative exam, obtain all necessary labs, test results, and clearance from the physician to make sure the patient is healthy enough for dental treatment under anesthesia. As the dentist carries out your dental work, your anesthesiologist will monitor your vital signs to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience.

After your dental treatment, the anesthesiologist will be with you through your recovery process.

Dr. Steven DeLisle is Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified and Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified.

Direct to Dr. DeLisle: 425-306-2579