Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Karuna Collaborative Solutions

eMail :
Telephone : (408) 778-8250
Address : 17815 Woodland Ave. , Morgan Hill , CA , 95037

Our mission is to complete a child with autism or autism spectrum disorder's circle of service, through innovative and individualized training programs. Our programs promote collaboration across service providers, consistency of programming, and the generalization of skills by utilizing positive behavior management strategies based on the principals of applied behavior analysis (ABA)
We provide comprehensive training for parents/families and early education professionals; as well as, partner networking, social skill development opportunities, and support tools/materials.

Karuna's training includes:
* Creating an individualized roadmap to identify, prioritize, and address yours and your child's/student's specific needs
* Effectively using techniques and strategies to address the individual needs of a child with autism or ASD
* Maximizing all the current services by collaborating across service providers
* Networking with service providers to explore resources available in your community
* Help your child/student practice skills across the home , school, and community (generalization of skills)
* Developing the ability to observe, record, and share results (data collection)
* Arranging rooms to encourage participation (environmental set-up for home and school)