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JoAnn Dechant

Telephone : 253-852-2866
Address : Suite 200 , Kent , WA , 98031

At Community Health Centers of King County, naturopathic doctors Cindy Breed, ND and JoAnn Dechant, ND work as primary care providers. This means they diagnose illness by asking questions, examining the body, and using appropriate lab testing in a similar way to medical doctors. Treatment may include recommendations for diet modifications, lifestyle counseling, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, cranio-sacral therapy, or prescription medications as allowed by the Washington State Naturopathic Licensing Law. Consultation with conventional medical providers when advisable is standard practice in our integrated clinics.

As part of our integrated clinic system, our naturopathic doctors have the advantage of being able to consult on and co-manage patients who need both conventional and Complementary & Alternative Medicine. This team approach encourages and allows patients to choose an effective treatment option that is best for them. We understand that effective treatment may be different from person to person.