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Genetic Consultants of Indiana

eMail :
Telephone : 317-324-0760
Address : 9595 Whitley Dr. Suite 205 , Indianapolis , IN , 46240

The initial intake will include:

Genetic Consultation.

Review of medical records and examination.

Psychiatric diagnostic examination.
Order laboratory testing.

This takes about one hour.

It generally takes about one month to get all laboratory results. At that time a second consultation will be scheduled where:

Review lab results
Discuss and outline treatment protocol.

Order standing labs to monitor treatment protocol.

Order medications.

Followup office evaluations include:

Medical history/exam
A written treatment plan.

Administering of drugs.
Review of lab results.

This takes about one hour.
Follow up as needed.

When your child begins this protocol you will be invited to join a private Yahoo group made up exclusively of parents whose children are on the protocol. There you will be able to confidentially exchange information with other parents in your situation.