Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Children First HABS

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Telephone : 832-298-9118
Address : PO Box 421517 , Houston , TX , 77242

We provide three main types of services: individual services, school services, and teaching seminars. The individual services are intended for children with behavior difficulties stemming from disorders such as autism, emotional/mood disorders, developmental delays or caused by age or environmental factors. For individual families we provide a thorough case history review, data analysis, observations in multiple settings and behavioral interventions tailored for the specific child to modify problem behaviors. Within the school setting, we provide child advocacy support and shadowing for individual families which consists of developing individualized school plans for behavior, training school staff, developing academic and behavioral IEPs, attending ARDs, assisting in transitioning from one environment to another, and conducting functional behavior assessments.

For school districts and private schools, we offer staff training on applied behavior analysis, compliance training, and characteristics of children with behavior disorders. We conduct student behavior consults which consist of functional behavior assessments, and establishing appropriate individualized behavior plans and academic/behavior IEPs. We develop behavior programs for new behavioral units or support existing self-contained behavior programs for autistic units and emotionally disturbed units. We support schools in the event of due process hearings

Finally, we train private families in applied behavior analysis principles, toilet training, sleeping habits, compliance training, basic knowledge of disorder, and assessing the school's progress with their child.