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Campbell Dance Arts – GLEE Program

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Telephone : 612-432-1165
Address : 10800 Lyndale Ave. So. Suite 75 , Bloomington , MN , 55420

The GLEE Program is a dance therapy program designed for children on the autism spectrum. At GLEE we combine the benefits of Dance and Music. Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving direct expression through the body. Music sets our stage (our learning environment) and singing has become an important element of our program as we've found singing to be particularly effective in the development of speech for autistic children. The combination of using dancing, singing, imagination and loads of fun sparks positive outcomes for many children on the autism spectrum. The GLEE Program uses the left and right side of the brain (logic & creative) providing a bridge to build new learning pathways that can improve speech, communication, and social skills.