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Biofeedback Computer Games at Franklin Family Services

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Telephone : 612.840.1447
Address : 5009 Excelsior Boulevard - #134 , St Louis Park , MN , 55406

I specialize in biofeedback controlled computer games, art therapy, interesting conversation, and play to improve mental heatlh and performance, self regulation and social skills. Biofeedback is proven to reduce negative behaviors after 20-40 sessions by around 50% according to research, and is as effective as stimulants with longer lasting results according to research.

I give clients sound recordings to take home to help brain functioning and relaxation. They also improve school, work, and social performance and health. These are a free part of therapy that can be used by clients and family members when there aren't certain medical risks. Often times other family members suffer from attention problems, depression, anxiety, or just stress that sound therapy can help, and it is well researched and used by highly respected organizations.

I have a great deal of experience with children and have many success stories. I did behavior therapy and applied behavioral analysis before starting to do biofeedback.

I also work with clients life belief systems and work with the client to help them understand underlying beliefs they have when possible.

I am available some evenings and on Saturdays. I am also educated in marriage and family therapy and use insight into family patterns to help families.