Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Big Fun Therapy and Recreational Services

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Address : 3710 S. Robertson Blvd. , Culver City , CA , 90232

Big Fun is the ultimate playground for special needs individuals of all ages.
In 1999, Occupational Therapist Gene Hurwin combined his knowledge of pediatric development and 20 years of coaching expertise to create BIG FUN. Gymnastics was the unique tool Gene used to reach out to the special needs community, whose enthusiastic response led him to dedicate himself to expanding BIG FUN into a nationally recognized organization. Gene’s goal was “to provide students the opportunity to break through the boundaries of presumed limits by creating a world of excitement, discovery, and self-confidence within a safe and nurturing environment.”
BIG FUN accomplishes this goal by using recreational activities as a process to address and improve motor planning, organizational behavior, and sensory integration. Students are carefully matched with instructors, allowing them to grow through strong personal bonds. These instructors use sensitivity and compassion to help students feel skilled, competent, and capable of mastery.