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Autism Today in collaboration with Autism Arts Is creating: and

A one of a kind "BOOK OF AUTISM ART" featuring artwork that has been created by those on the autism spectrum worldwide.

The book will be full color, 7 x 10 and under sixty pages. The retail price will be $26.00 USD.

This creative idea is driven by the desire for both Autism Today and Autism Arts to bring the creative art talent of those living with an autism spectrum difference greater exposure and the chance to promote their wonderful work. This will empower them to express their personal best to a broad audience.

The intent is that each and every artist selected will be permitted to write a 100-word summary of themselves and their interest and also list all of their contact information right in the book next to their artwork. This way others can find their art and purchase directly from the artist.

This offers great potential especially for the artists!

Artists may submit art which they have scanned themselves according to the following specifications: 300 dots per square inch (dpi) in tiff format and from 3 x 5 to 6 x 9 inches in size. At the most, only five pieces will be chosen from any artist.

They will also be asked for their summary, contact information and will sign a release for publication form. Also, all participants will be showcased on Autism Arts's virtual art gallery at:

The deadline for submissions is April 15th, 2003

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