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Akhil Health Foods

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Telephone : 732-516-0541
Address : 75 Prestwick Way , Edison , NJ , 8820

Now you can get supplements from Kirkman, Houston Naturaneuticals enzymes), and Enzymedica supplements in NJ at a discounted price. Buying supplements will now be easier and cheaper.

Parents can save an average of 15-20% on the listed price on most of the medicines. Additionally you can save on shipping as well if you can pick up the medicines from my home office. Please contact me for the price list..

You can contact me privately:
Akhil Health Foods
c/o Manisha Lad
75 Prestwick Way
Edison NJ 08820
Tax Id: 20-1624313
Email me privately at :
Call : (732)-516-0541

This is a completely new set-up that can only take place in NJ at the present time.