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BERARD AIT is a method of retraining the ear so that the participant can listen and process sounds more normally without distortions and delays. The treatment is not invasive. It uses modulated, broadband music to retrain the auditory processing system. Results from BERARD AIT practitioners around the world document that when the Berard protocol is used, in conjunction with BERARD equipment, positive results are achieved. BERARD AIT enhances hearing perception. Individuals over the age of 3 can participate. Teenagers and adults also benefit. Individuals with Autism spectrum disorders, ADD, LD, PDD, CAPD, hypersensitivity and other sensory processing disorders have benefited from this innovative therapeutic program.

AIT for You bring Berard AIT to communities throughout the United States where Berard is not available and will be in the Schaumburg, IL area and in the Aurora, IL area in June 2010.