Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Academy for the Advancement of Children with Autism (AACA)

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Telephone : 818.882.0200
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Address : 20040 Parthenia Street , Northridge , CA , 91324

The Academy for the Advancement of Children with Autism (AACA) is a newly-formed organization that offers information, education and treatment services for children with autism and other related disorders. The Academy is committed to the self-actualization of students affected by any aspect of autism.

AACA provides an academic solution to children facing developmental challenges. Specialized education curriculums are combined with individualized treatment programs to further the advancement of each child. No two children sharing the same diagnosis respond equally to the same exact course of treatment. Transition is also extremely difficult for most children facing these types of challenges. Therefore, AACA believes that to achieve the best results it is necessary to make many different types of treatments available so that each child's specific needs can be addressed.

The Academy offers the most cutting-edge research-based treatments available to date. There is also a clinic on site. Treatments available at AACA include:

- Adaptive PE
- Applied Behavior Analysis
- EGG Biofeedback
- Equine Therapy
- Floortime Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Parent Training
- Psychotherapy
- Respite Therapy
- Speech and Learning