Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

4 Paws for Ability

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4 Paws was the first agency to begin placing skilled Autism Assistance Dogs and continues to be the largest organization in the United States and the only organization placing in other Countries Autism Assistance Dogs with tracking. While other smaller organizations are attempting to duplicate our services 4 Paws remains the organization that services such as the National Autism Center recommend to their families. Having placed well over 100 Autism Assistance Dogs, this type of dog continues to be the most requested and most often placed dog of all of our services. As the founding agency of Autism Assistance Dogs with tracking we continue to provide the highest quality of dogs to every child that applies. 4 Paws, unlike almost every other agency does not pick and choose who's child will get a dog. As long as the child's physician approves the dog and it is safe to place a dog in the home, no family is turned away. We continue our services with no long waiting lists and continue as always to "partner" with our families to provide the dog their child needs. In addition, our online group for 4 Paws Families has a membership of 100+ families. With a group of families, all either having, or in the process of obtaining a service dog from our agency, all in one place with access to each other it is obvious that our families love their dogs and are very happy with our service dogs. They feel that being a part of the 4 Paws family as an honor and are happy to remain on our online network to help the next group of families find the same happiness they did in a friend with 4 Paws.