The majority of logos that you see on AutismLink are ours. Made by professional graphic designers, and copyrighted with the Library of Congress. We are very serious about copyright issues. We have a problem with people stealing our work, and we will pursue it. If you are a parent organization, and would like to use one or any of our logos, please email us and we will likely give you permission to use our logos. They may not, however, under any circumstances, be used to create products to make money of any kind. They can be used, with our speciic written permission, on informational materials such as newsletters, flyers, etc. The puzzle ribbon logo with the blue ribbon and the words “Autism Awareness” is also a copyright of AutismLink. Organizations NOT in the autism community using this logo, will be held accountable. We don’t mind autism organizations using the logo FOR INFORMATIONAL MATERIALS, but if you’re making money off of autistic children, and have nothing to do with autism, we have a problem with that.