Linking families and individuals with autism to services, care, support and learning resources for more than 10 years.

Apple Tree Institute

Online Video Tutorials for Special Children with Special Needs The credentialed experts at Apple Tree combined their years of experience, education, and training into an online learning program that conveys — in simple step-by-step videos — how to effectively manage ...

Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities

The Coalition strives to "open" opportunities or resources necessary to permit persons with disabilities to overcome or otherwise compensate for any barrier that may exist.

Coordinator for Transition Services (Jackson)

The purpose of the Office of Special Education (OSE) is to support local schools and districts in their efforts to provide effective educational programs to students with disabilities

Division of Children and Youth Services -Dept of MH

The Division of Children and Youth Services is responsible for determining the mental health service needs for children and youth in Mississippi and for planning and developing programs to meet those identified needs.

Empowered Behavioral Solutions

EBS provides services using Applied Behavior Analysis including Discreet Trials Training Naturalistic Language Teaching Incidental Teaching and Pivotal Response Training. Workshop training and seminars for school districts are also available.